Celebrate International Women's Day 2013

8th March 2013


The day of international working women’s solidarity

For over a hundred years, March 8th has been the day on which to commemorate the great struggles of working women for a better deal at work and in society. It is also the day to celebrate the contribution of women – some famous, many unknown – in the fight against oppression and for socialism.

National Shop Stewards Network IWD bulletin: Women to the fore against austerity – “it’s high time for a united union fight for decent pay”. Read it here.

Socialist Party publications:

45 Years Since the Ford Dagenham Strike: women workers still fighting for decent pay.

International Women's Day feature as published in this week's edition of The Socialist, our weekly newspaper.

Remembering the Struggles & Victories of Women Workers, a special report from the Committee for a Workers' International, to which the Socialist Party is affiliated, on the history of International Women's Day.

Socialist Women Against Cuts (produced 2012)

Women and the Struggle for Socialism (a book available to read online)

International Women's Day in India

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