Welsh Labour MP Attacks Health Workers

1st April 2013

On April 1st, I only wish this was an 'April Fool'. Ann Clwyd in her role as Patients' Tsar for the Con-Dem government has launched a disgusting attack on all health workers. In the Independent today, under the headline "Get back on the ward: patients tsar tells nurses to talk less and care more", Clwyd repeats all the stereotypes of Cameron, Hunt and co. She blames health workers for the decline of the NHS not Con-Dem cuts and privatisation.

Nothing surprising in a Con-Dem spokesperson attacking health workers you might think but Clwyd is a Welsh Labour MP!

What makes this even more unforgivable is that Clwyd has chosen today to attack health workers, the day that Con-Dem measures to further privatise health care take effect; the day that many health campaigners and trade unionists have labelled the death of the NHS in England.

As a UNISON member I want to see my union mount a robust defence of our union members and condemn Clwyd for siding with the Con-Dems against our members and other health workers.

UNISON should demand Labour withdraw whip from Clwyd and withdraw all funding from Labour until they do so.

Defend health workers!
Defend our NHS!

Ronnie Job, UNISON steward, personal capacity

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