Celebrate May Day with Swansea Trades Council

25th April 2013


From a Swansea Trades Council press release

May Day, a celebration of workers’ unity, solidarity and struggle

For well over a century, going back to the struggles for the 8-hour day in the US and Europe at the end of the 19th Century, workers have marked May Day as a celebration of workers’ unity and trade union solidarity. Swansea Trades Council is proud to be part of this tradition. We invite all trade unionists, workers and campaigners against Con-Dem cuts to come and join us as we celebrate past struggles and support the struggles of workers going on today.

There’s no better way to celebrate May Day than to commit to struggling to defend public services and fighting to scrap the hated bedroom tax. Come and join us and bring your banners and placards.

Swansea Trades Council May Day Rally
Defend Public Services! Scrap the Bedroom Tax!
Saturday, May 4, 12:00pm, Castle Square

Speakers include:
Geraint Davies MP
Bethan Jenkins AM
Invited public sector trade unionists & campaigners against the Bedroom Tax
Rob Abrams (Swansea University Students Union) on the solidarity campaign for Indonesian workers sacked and owed wages by Adidas.

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Public services under threat

The cuts to Swansea Coastguard centre and the reductions in fire-fighters in Llanelli are just two current examples that show that not even essential emergency services that save lives are exempt from cuts, as working class people and communities continue to pay the price for a crisis not of our making. Cuts to our NHS are seeing community hospitals closed and services concentrated in fewer centres, at a great distance to many of us and queues of ambulances outside our hospitals. Benefits advice, council services, education – cuts are being felt everywhere.

Trade unionists need to reach out to the users of public services to fight as hard to keep the services we all rely on at one time or another, as previous generations fought to win them in the first place.

The bedroom tax – unfair, callous but beatable

Some of the poorest families in our community are being put in impossible position by the bedroom tax. Do they try to pay their hugely increased housing costs or put food on the table? Will they face the threat of eviction for being behind in their rent or does the family go hungry? This is one of the most blatantly unfair attacks on the poor since the poll tax but like the poll tax, it can be beaten by the solidarity of working class people standing together.

For information about Swansea Trades Council contact:

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