Welsh Ambulance Service under Strain: Reverse NHS Cuts!

29th April 2013

Welsh Ambulance Service: we need to reverse the cuts not another report!

Today saw the publication of yet another report into the Welsh Ambulance service at the behest of new Labour Welsh Health Minister, Mark Drakeford. According to the TV news, it's the 9th report into the Welsh Ambulance Service in the last six years.

But no amount of reviews and re-organisations can make a difference when the NHS in Wales is facing deep, deep cuts. So despite the best efforts of over-stretched staff, the ambulance service continues to miss targets. All this comes before the publication (probably next month) of the South Wales plan with its cuts to A&E units under the cover of the concentration of expertise, which will increase the pressure on and work of the ambulance service.

It's time to unite all health campaigns in Wales to demand the reversal of all NHS cuts.
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