The Swansea School Land Sell-Off for Cash

2nd June 2013

Different Party - Same Cuts!

Swansea Council is at it again; planning to sell off school playing fields.

When the previous Liberal Democrat-led coalition mooted plans to sell off playing fields, the Labour Group, quite rightly attacked the idea. Now we have a majority Labour administration planning to do the same thing.

They say there's a difference this time around and that it's 'fairer' in that they will 'incentivise' governors to sell-off school land by allowing schools to use some of the money raised to pay for much-needed building improvements. They are forcing school-governors and head teachers to choose between different needs of their pupils.

As a parent of two primary age boys, I don't want a choice of adequate buildings or decent playing fields for my kids; I want both. As a TUSC Wales supporter, I think that any councillor supporting the sell-off of playing fields, should consider their seat a potential target for a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition challenge in future.

Ronnie Job

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