Take Action this Tuesday to Defend the NHS in Wales!

10th June 2013

The recent Wales TUC statement on Public services reports that since 2010 the NHS in Wales has made £460 million worth of savings. A further £200 million worth of savings planned for this coming financial year.

The South Wales Programme is a model where consultant led maternity, neonatal, inpatient children's services and Accident and Emergency services will be centralised in four or five hospitals only as 'Specialist Centres' . In the hospitals selected for downgrading these services will be cut and replaced with 'minor injury units' and 'midwife led maternity services'. Inpatient children services will be lost and critical intensive care for new babies will also be lost.

Three of the Specialist Centres have been confirmed as, UHW in Cardiff, Morriston Hospital in Swansea and the new Specialist and Critical Care Centre (SCCC) to be built in Gwent 2019. Another one or two hospitals will be chosen from the remaining Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr, Princess of Wales in Bridgend or Royal Glamorgan in Llantrisant.

A consultation process has started and will run until July 19th 2013.

It is vital that we all take part in this consultation process and tell NHS managers and politicians there should be no downgrading of our health service! See the link below for more info from the Health Boards.


We need a good turn out at the Swansea consultation meeting to be held this Tuesday!

June 11th 18:30 - 20:30
The Grand Theatre.

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