We Can Beat the Bedroom Tax! Know Your Rights!

19th June 2013

We can Beat the Bedroom Tax! Know Your Rights Sheet

The bedroom tax has sparked fury. Thousands have protested against people being forced out of their homes or robbed of 14% or 25% of their housing benefit by millionaire Con-Dem ministers, many of whom have spare houses, never mind spare bedrooms.

But we can stop this attack! Twenty years ago a mass campaign defeated Thatcher's hated poll tax. Led by the Socialist Party's predecessor, Militant, a mass campaign of non-payment made the poll tax unviable.

While the bedroom tax is different in many ways, one thing is clear - if we get organised we can defeat it!

Click here to download the pdf of the We Can Beat the Bedroom Tax - Know your rights sheet

Or read online: Can't pay - will stay! No evictions!
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