Cardiff and Vale Health Board Blues

30th July 2013

Cardiff & Vale Health Board seems to be constantly in the news at the moment.

For all the wrong reasons.

First there was the announcement that they are seeking consultation over 385 potential redundancies, effectively ending the agreement that there be no compulsory redundancies in the NHS in Wales. It also contradicts claims made by Labour First Minister, Carwyn Jones, to trade unionists, that the Welsh NHS is different to that in England because savings will not be made through redundancies.

Then it was revealed that at least 12 people had died on waiting lists, waiting for surgery and that the Health Board had cancelled thousands of operations in the first months of this year. It has been claimed in the press that these operations were cancelled to save money in the run-up to the end of the financial year, to ensure that the Health Board would meant Welsh Government financial targets.

Today (29 July) comes news that the Health Board will be sponsoring Cardiff Blues rugby team.

Not only will they be paying to sponsor the rugby team but they will be collecting donations from rugby fans on match days.

The Health Board says that it is the charity arm of the Board which will be collecting for funds to provide items additional to core services. Sponsoring Cardiff Blues they say, will give them access to other corporate sponsors as well, that they can approach for donations.

At the very least though, announcing a sporting sponsorship deal at a time when the core services the Health Board provides have been shown to be seriously flawed and while they are proposing making NHS staff redundant, is insensitive. Staff and the communities served by this health board also have the right to know whether public money for the provision of health services is being used for sponsorship at a time when there are deep cuts being made in the NHS in Wales and in this Health Board. It is a sad day for the NHS in Wales if health boards now have to rely on attracting private money through wining and dining potential donors.

  • No to all redundancies in Cardiff & Vale.
  • No to cuts to NHS Cymru services.
  • For a publicly funded NHS Cymru, resourced to meet the health needs of all the people of Wales.

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