Fight Cuts, don't vote them through with 'glum faces'!

7th August 2013

A report published by housing charity Shelter today confirms the findings of a number of recent studies - that the average household in Wales is struggling to stay above the breadline and many are falling into worrying debt. The Shelter report follows similar studies by Legal and General, the Trussell Trust (which runs foodbanks) and others. 

Labour at the same time has published estimates that there has been an average loss of earnings of £1,669 in the year. The decline in wages is mirrored by the loss of benefits to provide the most basic level of protection for those who can't find a job or are unable to work.

Such has been the decline in wages and cuts in benefits that 11% of those in social housing in Wales have had to take out more than one pay day loan in the last year. Shelter reports that nearly half of all people they've surveyed are struggling to pay housing costs or have fallen into arrears.

While people in working class communities in Wales don't need surveys to tell them any of this, it does expose the myth put out by the Labour Welsh Government and unfortunately repeated by too many of our trade union leaders in Wales, that Welsh workers are protected from Con-Dem cuts. In fact the Welsh Government and Labour councils in Wales are passing on Con-Dem cuts; councils in Wales now face, in the words of the Labour leader of Carmarthenshire Council, "a tsunami of cuts".

The only difference between cuts from Con-Dem and Labour councils is that Labour councillors, vote for them with "glum faces", at least this was how the South Wales Argus described the Labour councillors voting through £10 million of cuts in Blaenau Gwent.

The financial disaster facing Welsh workers and working class communities in Wales demands a serious response.

  • A 24 hour general strike as the next step in fighting back against cuts.
  • The Welsh government and Welsh councils must refuse to pass on Tory cuts. They must instead set 'needs' budgets based on what our communities need.
  • No support for Labour politicians who vote to pass on Con-Dem cuts, albeit with sad faces. Instead support Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition candidates to oppose all cuts.
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