Protest Against Atos in Swansea

27th August 2013

id67-upld20120823-x180-atos-kills.pngFrom a Swansea DPAC Member

12pm Friday 30th August, outside Swansea Atos centre, Grove House

Did you know that according to the DWP's own figures, disability benefit fraud accounts for less than 0.5% percent of the welfare bill?

But the government is handing out £hundreds of millions to private company Atos to carry out flawed and distressing assessments which disabled people and the British Medical Association believe should be scrapped immediately.

If you manage to pass the hated Atos assessment, the stress never ends because it isn't long before you are called back for reassessment with the rules getting tighter every year. You can quite literally be told that your disability or illness no longer counts overnight.

Disabled people have had enough! This Friday 30th August there will be local protests taking place at the same time across the country. Between 12:00 to 1:00 we want YOU to join the protest outside the Atos assessment centre in Swansea.

ALL WELCOME! Please come and support!

DIRECTIONS: The Atos assessment centre is a very short walk from Swansea train station across flat ground. It is directly opposite the police station so easy to spot. For details see:

ORGANISER: This protest is being organised by a disabled student (ME/CFS) who has been through two Atos assessments. My brother is currently going through his first Atos assessment as well. If you would like to help organise this protest as well, please e-mail or text 07925 279 685

Photo: a protest against Atos in Swansea last year
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