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28th August 2013

A disabled activist

Between 29 August and 4 September, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) is organising a 'Reclaiming Our Futures' week of direct action to oppose Con-Dem austerity and attacks on benefits, public services and disability rights.

On Thursday 29 August, DPAC is calling on activists to support Transport for All's protest outside Crossrail's Canary Wharf office in London to demand inclusive access to all stations in this £16 billion project.

Crossrail's current plans will mean seven stations will be inaccessible to wheelchair users and others with mobility impairments.

On 29 August, DPAC is also encouraging its supporters to send letters and Twitter messages to MPs, disability charities and the media to raise the need to both oppose and stop the current attacks on disabled people.

While DPAC's week of action is largely centred on London, there will be a national day of action on Friday 30 August.

Last year DPAC's campaign focused on the role of hypocritical Paralympic sponsor Atos in the administration of the brutal Work Capability Assessment, but this year activists are being encouraged to organise protests on a range of issues including welfare reform and the bedroom tax.

On Sunday 1 September, a 'Reclaiming the Social Model' event is being held in the Unite trade union's London headquarters.

And following further online action on Tuesday, DPAC's week of action will conclude on Wednesday 4 September with a 'Freedom Drive'.

This will involve four 'blocks' of activists meeting outside the London headquarters of the Departments of Health, Transport, Energy and Climate Change and Education to draw attention to the Con-Dems' attacks on specific rights.

These 'blocks' will then converge for a lobby of Parliament and the launch of a UK Disabled People's Manifesto..

Swansea protest against Atos on Friday 30th August:
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