TUC: Instead of praising Miliband, organise a fight back!

11th September 2013

A quote from today's TUC press release shows how ties with the Labour Party hold back trade union struggle. 

"Ed Miliband's warm reception reflected his understanding of the concerns of the modern workplace – the squeeze in living standards and the growth of exploitation through zero-hours contracts."

He should understand about zero hours contracts - his party's councillors are implementing most of them! 3 Labour councils in South Wales, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Cardiff & Swansea between them have thousands of workers on zero hours contracts.

As for the "squeeze in living standards", Labour Swansea council leads the way in that, with their 'sign or be sacked' policy towards their own workers and union members who face losing £thousands or up to 10% of their take home pay.

That squeeze in living standards will continue under Labour; Miliband confirmed yesterday that austerity will continue under Labour.

Instead of praising Miliband, the TUC should be organising the fight back against whichever party is implementing cuts. The press release issued yesterday should have named the date for a 24 hour general strike rather than boosting the credibility of a leader who's party will continue with Con-Dem cuts.

If the TUC wants political representatives who will act in their members' interests then they should stop flogging the dead horse of Labour and instead back candidates that support the repeal of all anti-trade union laws and will vote against all cuts, like TUSC, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.
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