Newport Labour Councillors Show More Respect for Thatcher than Chartists

7th October 2013

Labour councillors in Newport have angered not just local people but working class people across Wales by ordering the destruction of one of Wales' few monuments to chartism.

For photos, see Dave Reid's article for Socialist Party Wales

They've added destruction of working class history to the crime of making Tory cuts.

But one thing you can't do it seems as a Newport councillor, is hate Thatcher. For saying at a Socialist Appeal meeting, that he would gladly dance on Thatcher's grave, Chris Herriot has been barred from standing for Labour in a Newport council by-election.

So there you have it - to be a Welsh Labour councillor in Newport it is more important that you respect Thatcher, the class enemy, than pioneers of working class struggle like the chartists. And, of course, you have to be willing to vote for Con-Dem cuts!

It also shows why Socialist Appeal dreams of re-claiming Labour are futile. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Wales will never turn away candidates for hating Thatcher, all that we demand of our candidates is a willingness to vote against vandalism like that committed by Newport Labour councillors - vandalism against working class history and vandalism against council services.
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