Labour councils - refuse to make Con-Dem cuts!

25th October 2013

Labour has the leadership of 11 of the 22 councils in Wales, including those in the biggest towns and cities. If these councils came together and refused to implement the cuts they would make the Con-Dems' austerity programme unworkable in Wales.

In the past some Labour councils have refused to implement Tory cuts. In Poplar, Clay Cross and Liverpool, Labour councillors took on stronger Tory governments and won extra funding. It is a sign of how far Labour has moved from its working class roots that this time around, there have only been a handful of councillors around the UK who have voted against making cuts. All of them have now been suspended from the party. None of them have been in Wales! This is despite the fact that the law has been changed to prevent councillors being made personally financially liable, as happened in Liverpool.

Labour councils should refuse to make Con-Dem cuts and make prudential use of reserves and borrowing powers to buy time to build a mass campaign to defeat cuts and this government.

Crocodile tears from the Labour-led Welsh Government are of no use to our threatened members. The Welsh Government should be linking up with councils, unions and communities to demand from the Con-Dem Government the funding necessary to run our public services in Wales! If the Con-Dems in Westminster refuse then we should ‘shut down’ Wales and help bring this government down now!

We appeal to Labour councillors to take the advice of Councillor Kevin Bennett of Warrington, not to vote for Con-Dem cuts:

Any Labour councillor who does vote against cuts deserves our support but the Labour Party, as a whole, is committed to continuing austerity. We should not then continue to fund Labour and instead support candidates that commit to opposing all cuts, like Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates.

See also: UNISON - fight all council cuts now! A statement from Socialist Party Wales members in UNISON
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