Public Meeting: South Africa - One Year after Marikana

29th October 2013

Mametlwe Sebei will be speaking at a Socialist Party public meeting in Cardiff on Wednesday 6 November at 8.00pm. The meeting at the Holiday Inn on Castle Street takes place following the visit of Socialist Party Wales leader, Alec Thraves, to South Africa to assist the work of the Democratic Socialist Movement.

Sebei and the Democratic Socialist Movement played a key role in assisting the struggle of platinum miners at Lonmin who were attacked by the police at Marikana in August 2012 murdering 34 miners, a struggle which spread through the mines of South Africa and organised tens of thousands of miners.

Now the Democratic Socialist Movement, with miners and other workers, has launched the Workers' and Socialist Party to contest the general election next year. The WASP will be standing against the ruling ANC which since the overthrow of apartheid has changed from the party of liberation to the corrupt representatives of South African capitalists, especially of the mineowners.

For more details of the struggle in South Africa see articles on the Committee for a Workers' International website.

Socialist Party public meeting:

South Africa: One Year After Marikana
"Workers and Socialist Party Leads the Fightback!"

Hear Mametlwe Sebei
Democratic Socialist Movement and
Workers’ & Socialist Party spokesperson

Wednesday 6 November
Holiday Inn
Castle Street
8.00 pm

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