Swansea Higher Education Strike

31st October 2013

Swansea University saw the largest picket line for many years with over 30 UCU, Unison and Unite strikers receiving support from staff, the students' union, Socialist Students, Swansea Trades Council and Swansea Socialist Party.

All of them felt they were being ripped off by management who now run these universities as big business companies with the rewards going to the top and the staff being left further and further behind.

At Swansea Met University the pickets were not as large but were equally determined to stop their pay and working conditions being eroded any further.

Everyone I spoke to felt the united action of university workers should be broadened out to include other trade unionists who are also taking or preparing for their own action and the demand for a 24 hour general strike was literally an ABC answer!

Alec Thraves
Swansea Socialist Party & Swansea Trades Council.

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