Modernisation? These are Welsh NHS cuts!

6th November 2013

" is modernising and creating more efficient systems and ways of working"

This is how a spokesperson for the Labour Welsh Government is describing the cuts being made by Cardiff & Vale Health Board in this morning's press.

I doubt that will be much consolation the 384 staff whose jobs are at risk.

It's also a retreat from the promise by Carwyn Jones, First Minister, at the Wales TUC conference in May. Then he promised savings in the NHS in Wales would not be made through redundancies. He claimed, in his speech, that was one significant difference between the NHS in Wales, under a Labour Government and the NHS in England, under a Con-Dem one.

Now the Welsh Government is saying, "We are reassured that compulsory redundancy will affect a very small number of staff, as a last resort."
Labour politicians in the Senedd may be reassured but health workers and users of health services are far from reassured about sackings and cuts to our health services.

Members of the Cardiff & Vale UNISON branch are protesting on the steps of the Senedd at 12pm today. They need the full support of trade unionists and health campaigners.

The ease with which Welsh Labour politicians accept cuts to NHS services illustrates why Wales, no less than England, needs a new workers' party. The Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Wales is the only party in Wales that opposes all NHS cuts.

Full statement by Welsh Government, as reported by ITV,
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