Socialist Party Wales members in Unison welcome Cardiff TUSC candidates

8th November 2013

Socialist Party Wales members in Unison welcome TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) candidates for Cardiff Council by-elections.

Socialist Party Wales members in UNISON have produced a statement (available to download from Socialist Party Wales website) calling on our union to launch a fight back against the unprecedented cuts being implemented by Welsh councils.

We believe that the cuts currently proposed by the 22 local authorities in Wales, if implemented, will have a more devastating impact on the Welsh economy, Welsh workers and our communities, than even the closing of the pits.

We also call on councillors to refuse to pass on Con-Dem cuts that will destroy services in our communities. Labour has the leadership of half the councils in Wales and are in a strong position to fight the cuts. But Labour councillors are making Con-Dem cuts albeit, in the words of one Swansea councillor, "in the best way possible".

With Labour councillors making Con-Dem cuts, we are delighted that Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Wales has selected candidates to contest the two Cardiff council by-elections taking place before Christmas. 

Labour's Councillor Russell Goodway has said that in 3 years' time he expects less than half of the Council's 10,000 full-time equivalent staff (excluding teachers), to still be employed by the Council. That says a lot about the next 3 years' worth of cuts and outsourcing that Labour-led Cardiff Council, of which he is cabinet finance member, has planned.

With cuts of this level planned, we call on council workers, trade unionists and everybody who values council services to join us in welcoming the fact that TUSC Wales will stand candidates committed to voting against all cuts.

Congratulations to Katrine Williams and Joel Beer on being selected to stand in Splott and Riverside from Socialist Party Wales members in UNISON. 

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