Land of Whose Fathers? A short history of the Welsh working class

11th November 2013

There are very few publications that are dedicated to the study of the Working Class of Wales. There are even fewer that give a Marxist perspective on the battles fought by the Welsh Working Class since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, fewer still approach the subject in a very easy to read style.

Geoff Jones’s booklet on the history of the Welsh Working Class ticks all boxes for the ideal taster for those who want a clear and concise analysis not only of the industrial struggles fought courageously by the workers in the coal, iron, slate and other Industries where workers fought against the ravages and excesses of the new industrial aristocracy, the ironmasters and mine owners who regarded their workers with less regard than their horses, but also brings into perspective the developments on the political front, from the inception to the decline of the Labour Party as party of the working class from Keir Hardy to Tony Blair.

Land of Whose Fathers? takes the reader from the very start of the Industrial revolution in Wales right up to the turn of the 21st century in bite sized pieces and will certainly whet the appetite for deeper study.

Published by Socialist Party Wales

Now available from Socialist Books £4 plus p&p
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