Swansea vs Hull - Cuts, Culture and Dylan Thomas

22nd November 2013

Swansea has just been beaten to the title of ‘City of Culture’ by Hull, for the centenary of Dylan Thomas’ birth as well!

Swansea and Hull have something of a rivalry in recent years. Of course a lot of Swansea people would say that we won that really mattered, a 4-2 victory over Hull on the last day of the season in 2003, which preserved Swansea City’s football league status, one of my happiest ever days watching football.

Other rivalries include whose Labour council is currently planning the most cuts to services? Here Hull just edges it - £48 million (at least that was what UNISON head of local government, Heather Wakefield was tweeting this week) as opposed to Swansea’s £45 million. 

In Hull at least, there have been a minority of councillors who’ve put their principles and commitment to their constituents over loyalty to a Labour Party which passes on Con-Dem cuts. In Hull, councillors have been suspended from Labour for refusing to vote for Labour’s cuts. To date, there has not been one Labour councillor in Swansea prepared to take a similarly principled stand. Swansea Labour, you’re letting us down, don’t implement Con-Dem cuts or leave the field free so we can elect councillors who will take up the challenge.

There will doubtless very little official recognition of Dylan Thomas’ socialist principles during the centenary celebrations. Comrades wanting to read more might start with:



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