This Christmas, haunt the ConDems with the ghost of coordinated action!

28th November 2013

Ghosts of co-ordinated action, past and future, is what haunts scrooge employers and Con-Dem Government.

UNISON has come up with a novel way of pressuring local government employers to grant a £1/hour increase; on 18th December, members are being encouraged to gather to sing Christmas carols as we “Strike A Chord for Local Government Pay”. UNISON will provide special song sheets consisting of NJC versions of popular carols. They’ve obviously never heard me sing!

I’ve no objection to using seasonal stunts to draw attention to campaigns, in fact, providing you’ve got branch members who can actually sing, it would certainly draw attention. But imagine how much more impact it would have if it was for UNISON members in all sectors and, instead of being careful to encourage us to sing carols “at lunchtime or after work”, the carols were sung on a walk out to draw people to a strike rally. This could have been the case if the UNISON leadership hadn’t dragged its feet on pay for the last 2 years, during which time we’ve had too many stunts, like smashing the ice sculpture, and not enough preparing for action. 

It is not the Ghost of Christmas Past that frightens the scrooge employers and Con-Dem Government it’s the Ghost of co-ordinated strike action past, like that in November 2011, and the prospect of co-ordinated action to come. That is a spectre that really haunts them and that we will have to make a reality to win on pay.
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