Lobby Swansea Council: No to the devastating cuts budget!

11th February 2014

Please find included below, a press release from Swansea Trades Council calling on trade unionists and everybody who values their council services to lobby councillors attending the full council meeting on February 18 to vote on budget cuts on £26 million in the next year alone. We say they should oppose cuts not make them.
Ronnie Job
Secretary, Swansea Trades Council
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Swansea councillors, don’t vote for £45 million of Con-Dem cuts!

Swansea Trades Council doesn’t think the people of Swansea elected a Labour council to carry out Con-Dem cuts but next week, on Tuesday, 18 February, that’s exactly what Labour councillors will be doing if they vote for the proposed budget.

The budget contains £26 million of cuts to jobs and services in the next year alone, £45 million over the next 3 years. Cuts of this size will devastate services and mean the loss of around 700 jobs, on top of the over 500 that have already gone.

Vital services stand to be cut, outsourced or simply shut down altogether. Cuts and outsourcing mean poorer conditions for the workers that provide them and they mean a poorer service for people that rely on them.

Under threat are leisure services, residential care homes, day centres, school crossing patrols, Plantasia and many other services that people in Swansea use and value. Recent announcements of postponements to some decisions represent little more than a stay of execution for some services, while the cuts to others continue.

Swansea Trades Council calls on trade unionists, council workers and anybody in Swansea that values council services to join us in lobbying councillors not to make these cuts.

Tuesday, February 18th, Guildhall, 4:30pm

Tell your councillor not to vote to make £26 million of Con-Dem cuts to jobs and services next year

Come to the lobby and tell your councillor not to put their hand up to destroy council services.

Ronnie Job,
Secretary, Swansea Trades Council

e-mail: swansea.tradescouncil@gmail.com or phone 07963 454041
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