Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign says: fight Con-Dem cuts, dont vote for them!

14th February 2014

This is a press release from Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign


Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign says: Defend council services. Fight Con-Dem cuts, don’t vote for them!

Lobby of Full Council meeting 18/2/2014

Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign will be lobbying councillors before the Full Council meeting on Tuesday, 18th February, alongside Swansea Trades Council.

Don’t vote for Con-Dem Cuts!

Tuesday, 18th February, 4:30pm

Assemble at main entrance to Guildhall

Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign Secretary, Ronnie Job and Chair, Matt Shephard have called on all campaigners against cuts and everybody in Swansea that values council services to come to this lobby to tell their councillors not to vote for Con-Dem cuts.

Ronnie Job:

“Labour councillors are always saying that they weren’t elected to make Con-Dem cuts. If they put up their hands to vote for this budget then that is exactly what they will be doing. They will be voting to inflict £45 million of cuts on jobs and services in Swansea, £26 million in the coming year alone. They will be responsible for the devastation of services, large-scale redundancies and outsourcing. We urge them to think again. Councillors should do what they were elected to do and fight Con-Dem cuts, not implement them!”

Matt Shephard:

“Whichever way the vote goes on Tuesday, the fight to save council services goes on. It is important that users of services and council trade unionists come together to fight these cuts. Cuts and outsourcing mean job losses and poorer conditions – in short, a raw deal for staff and poorer services for those that need them. These devastating cuts must be fought and we want councillors to join with us in that fight and stand up to Con-Dem cuts instead of implementing them.”

The Swansea Anti-Cuts Campaign was set up to unite campaigners against cuts, users of threatened services and the workers who provide those services, in the fight against all cuts.

For further information:

Ronnie Job: 07963 454 041ron.job@sky.com

Matt Shephard:07584 198 885ms100@ntlworld.com

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