Welsh Labour Council Removes Trade Union Secondments

10th March 2014

From Apr 1 2014, as reported in last week's edition of the Socialist, Carmarthenshire Labour-led, yes Labour-led council, will be removing the trade union secondments for Unison, GMB and Unite. Before this attack Carmarthenshire County Council was one of the worst in Wales in what it was prepared to pay for trade union secondments. Unison has by far the most members and has one fulltime secondment. Two local authority Unison branches adjacent to Carmarthenshire have four trade union secondments paid for and another Unison branch which is much smaller has two fulltime secondments!

This clearly is a political decision to stifle the local authority Unison branch's opposition to the £30million cuts being implemented by the council.Our branch has always opposed all cuts and has never been shy of criticising this Labour council for implementing Con-Dem cuts passed on by a passive labour government in the Welsh Assembly.

This anti-trade union measure was sold as a 'saving' but the intention is to inhibit the unions and Unison in particular which is by far the biggest branch, from organising and defending our members' interests.

Branch officers seeking reasonable time off from managers who are implementing a cuts agenda will face harassment and intimidation despite the claims of HR. Managers will quote the needs of the service when not granting time off.

We are calling on the labour and trade union movement to support our campaign to reinstate and improve our trade union secondments.Please email Kevin Madge Labour council leader at KMadge@carmarthenshire.gov.uk protesting at what they have done and send a copy to our branch at unisoncarms1@btconnect.com

The actions of this labour council in meekly carrying out Con-Dem cuts means that members have already in many cases drawn the conclusion what is the point in New Labour? And most would support dis-affiliating from this pro big business party who put themselves and their careers before the people who elected them.
Socialist Party and Carmarthenshire County Unison member.

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