Trade unionists betrayed by Welsh Labour

12th April 2014

Following on the heels of Labour led Carmarthenshire's County Council's attempt to remove all trade union secondments (an attack now suspended for 6 months due to the campaign of the fighting, local authority UNISON branch), another Welsh Labour council is betraying local authority trade unionists. Bridgend Council has withdrawn itself from national pay-bargaining. Bridgend CBC has decided unilaterally, not to honour any agreed pay increase for 2014.

Socialist Party members in Unison Cymru offer our solidarity and full support to our brothers and sisters in UNISON (and the other local authority unions) in Bridgend and call for all trade unionists to get behind them.

Please sign their petition calling for the local authority to overturn this decision:

Once again though, this calls into question our union's support for Labour and exposes Welsh Labour claims to be more supportive of trade unionists than the rest of the Labour Party.
It also shows that our union's advocacy of partnership-working with the public sector employers in Wales and the Welsh Government is fundamentally flawed.

Welsh Labour councils are leading the way in attacking our members' pay, terms and conditions. The Welsh Government, in partnership with the employers, is doing the same in the NHS, as they aim to tear up 'Agenda for Change', the current set of pay, terms and conditions for health workers. In both cases this is the result of Welsh Labour passing on Con-Dem cuts to public sector workers and the services we provide.

The partners we should be working with are service users fighting to defend provision threatened with cuts not Welsh Labour betrayers.

• Break links with Labour now. Support only political candidates committed to fighting all cuts, like the Trades Unionist & Socialist Coalition.
• No to partnership-working with those who attack us. Instead build alliances with service users and campaigners against cuts.
• For a united campaign to fight all cuts to services and all cuts to our members' jobs, terms and conditions.

Ronnie Job
Unison steward (in a personal capacity) &
Swansea Socialist Party member

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