Living income needed for all

22nd April 2014

The BBC took some time off from promoting Ukip recently to discuss the plight of the UK’s pensioners.

Incomes for many retired people have fallen well below that you would get from working on the minimum wage. A lot of workers from now on will simply not be able to ‘afford’ to retire.

The presenters put that largely down to people not understanding how much they need to put aside for their pensions. Apparently we don’t understand either that the state pension is not enough to provide even a basic subsistence level.

The truth is our wages have fallen so much that even those of us in full-time work can’t afford to think about putting money aside for retirement because we’ve trouble enough stretching our wages to the end of the month. 

The Socialist Party demands a real ‘living wage’ linked to a ‘living income’ for retired workers as well as those who society can’t provide with an opportunity to work.

Ronnie Job, Swansea
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