Oppose UKIP! Oppose the Bosses' EU!

25th April 2014

Swansea Socialist Party – Press Release – For immediate use

UKIP pose as being anti-establishment but their policies are anti-working class. They want to free bosses to extract greater profits from us, their workers, by getting rid of legal protections and trade union rights. They complain that the Con-Dems aren't cutting public spending quick enough, even though cuts are destroying jobs and services in working class areas, like Swansea. 

But opposing UKIP and their offensive distortions about migrant workers, ethnic minorities and women – in fact anybody that doesn't mirror their predominantly wealthy, upper-class, eccentric, leadership – doesn't mean we should support the EU. 

The EU is a bosses’ club which is steering a race to the bottom on workers’ incomes, terms and conditions. It is undermining workers’ rights. It is responsible for austerity, leading to misery for millions of people across Europe. This is why the Socialist Party participates in No2EU, which demands an exit from the EU in order to fight austerity.

Claire Job, Swansea Socialist Party Branch Secretary and member of No2EU list for Wales in the elections for the European Parliament, May 22nd

Nigel Farrage UKIP leader, is speaking at the Liberty Stadium on Wednesday, 30 April
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