'Stand up to UKIP' in Swansea

27th April 2014

Unison protest outside the Liberty Stadium ‘Stand up to UKIP’
Wednesday 30th April 18:30

UKIP is a right-wing populist party, with a leadership of stock-brokers and arch reactionaries. In the past it was mainly disaffected Tory voters who supported it, but it is now picking up some ex-Labour voters. Nigel Farage is consciously encouraging this. As John Harris pointed out in the Guardian he is the only politician who gets coverage in the mainstream media who uses the term working-class in a positive sense. One reason UKIP has been able to pick up a vote is because it puts forward anti-immigrant propaganda, however, the main reason is because angry voters want a stick with which to beat the main parties, and UKIP is the only one to hand.

It is still not certain how far UKIP can develop, their disgraceful poster campaign and numerable public gaffes, made by their loose lipped racist and sexist candidates means even if they get a good vote in the European elections this will not necessarily translate to votes in Westminster. It is clear to us in the Socialist Party that UKIP's growth occurs in the vacuum caused by the continued absence of a mass workers party.

The Socialist Party is taking part in the RMT initiative to stand in the European elections under the electoral banner 'No2EU-Yes 2 workers' rights'. This is an attempt to put a working-class internationalist alternative to the European Union which has, from its inception, been an agreement between the capitalist classes of Europe in order to further their interests, and is today very clearly an instrument of austerity.

We encourage everyone to attend Unison’s protest ‘stand up to UKIP’ on Wednesday - Farage is speaking at a meeting in the Liberty Stadium as part of their European election campaigning.

Jobs and services not racism!

Unison 'Stand up to UKIP' Facebook event

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