Swansea May Day Rally

27th April 2014


Swansea Trades Council

 Jobs and Services Not Racism! Dignity at Work!

These will be among the themes of the Swansea Trades Council May Day Rally this coming Saturday.


Swansea Trades Council May Day Rally

Traditional May Day Celebration of Trade Unionism

Saturday 3 May, 12:00 mid-day

Castle Square



Speakers include Geraint Davies MP and local trade unionists


Public services are being axed, cut and sold off. It is vital then that we have a united fight back by trade unionists, workers and our community. For that to happen we must eradicate the divisions caused by racism, which some have tried to foster in the city recently. Teachers, Fire Fighters, Council Workers, Health Workers... these and many other groups of workers are fighting to defend jobs and vital services. Jobs & Services Not Racism!


Millions of workers live with the insecurity caused by casualisation and practises like zero hours contracts. The campaigns Fast Food Rights Youth Fight For Jobs aim to unionise casual workers and ‘out’ shoddy practices by employers. The Trades Council supports these campaigns; we fight for a real ‘living wage’ that reflects what’s needed for a decent standard of living, job security and trade union rights at work. Dignity at Work!


Celebrate with members of the Visteon Pensions Action Group. After 5 years’ of campaigning for what was promised them in pensions, a successful conclusion to the Visteon Pensions dispute seems to be in sight.


If you agree with us on these issues, come and celebrate May Day - a traditional celebration of workers’ unity for over a hundred years - with the Trades Council.


Ronnie Job,

Secretary, Swansea Trades Council

e-mail: swansea.tradescouncil@gmail.com or phone 07963 454041

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