Fight cuts to Disabled Students Allowance

4th June 2014

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) is a needs-based payment designed to meet additional disability-related costs of attending a course. The scheme has so far been very effective in supporting disabled students to study on a more equal basis, graduating with better results compared to disabled students that don’t receive DSA.

Many students are outraged by the plans to butcher DSA announced by the privately educated David Willetts, Minister for Universities. The cuts include a massive scaling back of support, particularly to students with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and removal of all funding to pay for specialist accommodation.

These changes will take effect as soon as September 2015. The cost of a disability will be passed onto individual universities or students, or not met at all. It is vital that we organise to defeat these unfair cuts and as a first step support the NUS national lobby of MPs on Friday 6 June.

We also have to demand as a matter of urgency that our universities are prepared to use surpluses to meet the cost of any support that is withdrawn, and that they do a better job of communicating what support is available to disabled students on open days.

Ben Golightly
Swansea Socialist Students
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