Big Pharma: Bad for your Health

2nd July 2014

Radio 5 this morning provided a perfect illustration of why capitalism can not meet the most basic of human needs and why bjg pharma is bad for your health.

In a report on the thousands of deaths from antibiotic-resistant bugs, the guest expert pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry is capable of producing new drugs to combat the superbugs but they need an incentive.

Under capitalism, the incentive of saving thousands of lives isn't enough; the only incentive that matters is the rate of profit. Just making a profit isn't enough; articles in the Socialist have pointed out many times that the giant multi-nationals that make up big pharma are amongst the most profitable in the world. But as was stated on the radio, they would rather invest in making drugs that people take every day than ones they take for a few days every once in a while!

Nationalise the pharmaceutical industry under democratic control and stop these vultures profiting from and at the expense of our health.

Ronnie Job, Swansea
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