Fight Scrapping of the Financial Contingency Fund!

22nd August 2014

The Welsh Government announced on 20th August 2014 that they have abolished the Financial Contingency Fund for universities in Wales this academic year and will be in effect from 1st September 2014. 

The Financial Contingency Fund (FCF) is a hardship fund aimed at helping students who are finding it hard to make ends meet during their time in further and higher education, and therefore seek help in the form of the Financial Contingency Fund which is a grant that students don't have to repay.

With new students about to start their journey through further and higher education in just a few weeks, and an already alarming amount of continuing students trying to find part time jobs to fund their way through education. This fund is essential and considered a lifeline for many students in order to complete their course, it means the difference between staying in education or dropping out, and the removal of it will marginalize those who can't afford to access further and higher education in Wales.

Even more barbaric is the fact the Welsh Government has disregarded its own research conducted in 2013 which states that “the funds do impact positively upon student participation and retention”. 

This decision by the Labour led Welsh Government is just yet another attack on students, and hits the poorest in Wales. 

Socialist Students demand living grants for all students!

Claudia Cannon


If you are affected by this cut, your student union wants to hear from you.
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