An Evening with Ed Miliband? No thanks!

7th September 2014

I'm getting fed up with being bombarded with spam e-mails asking me to donate to Labour's general election fund, despite repeated requests to remove me from their mailing lists. This is my response to the latest such message, supposedly sent by Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the party..

"I have politely requested that you remove from your mailing list. You haven't so I intend to report you for unsolicited and unwelcome advertising."

"I will never ever, vote Labour as you are just another cuts party, making Tory cuts. You couldn't pay me enough to have a meal with Ed Miliband. Rather than donating to Labour, I intend to redouble my efforts to make sure my union stops squandering it's members' resources on supporting neo-liberalism's second eleven."

"Contact from you is not welcome."

On second reading, it turns out I was wrong about the meal - that was last month's offer - on offer this time was only tickets to an Ed Miliband speech and a chance to chat to him. Even less incentive to part with hard-earned cash for a party that promises to continue Tory cuts!

I'll be putting all my efforts into supporting the Trades Unionist and Socialist Coalition in next year's general election. While all other parties fight for the privilege (and financial rewards for themselves) of making the same cuts, we'll be offering a genuine, socialist, no-cuts alternative.

Now who do I report spam e-mail to?

Ronnie Job

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