No Puzzle for Workers - 10 pound an hour, now!

20th October 2014

There are many disadvantages to getting up.earlier than normal; one of them is that the BBC treats us all to their economic analysis.

So, while BBC1 was arguing that public sector workers' wages need to be kept down to keep people in jobs and reporting the huge increase in working families living in poverty, failing to draw any links between the two, Radio5 was musing on the "productivity puzzle".

Apparently economists are confused over why profits are rising but productivity is falling. 

It's no puzzle to workers! Under this Con-Dem government we've all seen our incomes fall, by as much as 20%. We know that bosses are failing to invest and that their increased profits come from driving down our wages and conditions.

Labour's promise to increase the minimum wage to £8 by 2020 will not address the problem. In 6 years' time, in the parliament after next, they promise a minimum wage, 35p more than the Living Wage today and less than the current London Living Wage. 

We need £10 now to halt the increase in working families forced into poverty. It's TUC policy, so trade unionists should be demanding a commitment to £10 an hour from any politician looking for trade union support or funding.

Only TUSC candidates will boldly commit to and campaign for £10 and hour. If you're fed up with always having too much month at the end of the money, you should consider helping to build TUSC by standing as a candidate, campaigning or donating. 

If you're an economist who can't understand that increased profit without investment comes from screwing workers harder, perhaps you should consider a change in career.

Click here to find out more about TUSC Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in Swansea, standing in the Swansea Uplands by-election 2014!
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