Swansea Radiographers Strike #NHS

20th October 2014

Around 30 striking radiographers gathered at the main entrance of Morriston hospital in Swansea.

The pickets were young, lively and predominantly female health workers who were determined not to go another year without a pay increase. "It's ok for the MP's and their 9% pay rise but what about us" they complained?

With another ballot of other health workers in Wales closing today there was unanimous agreement that "we should all be out together"!

It's not only pay that concerns these radiographers. They have seen colleagues leave the profession because of increasing attacks on their conditions as well. If there is no improvement, then others will undoubtedly leave, resulting in longer waiting lists for diagnostic examinations and treatment for cancer.

The anger and willingness to fight for decent pay and conditions is there in bucketfuls, its high time the trade union leaders pulled them all together!

Alec Thraves

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