Uplands Byelection: Vote TUSC Against Cuts!

12th November 2014


The graphic for the next leaflet the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) will be using in our campaign to get Ronnie Job elected as Councillor in the Uplands by-election on November 20, sums up why TUSC is standing.

The choice is simple, you can vote for cuts or you can vote TUSC Against Cuts, the only way to get a councillor committed to voting against and fighting all cuts to jobs and services.

We all know the Tories are vicious. They've forced the very poorest into dependence on food banks and pay day loans. We've all suffered to protect profits of their friends.

The Liberals think they're progressive but in government, they allowed the Tories to attack us. The last Liberal administration in Swansea, outsourced and cut services.

The Liberals lost control of the Council because of their enthusiasm for making Con-Dem cuts but anybody expecting a change of direction from Labour will have been disappointed. 

We've heard the claim more than once in this campaign, "our cuts are better than their cuts". But we're still waiting for a convincing explanation of why it's better Labour councillors get paid to cut services for the rest of us.

Plaid Cymru helped the previous Liberal-led administration into power in Swansea and they've offered to help Labour in neighbouring Carmarthenshire to identify cuts to jobs and services. Last years' Welsh Government Budget was passed with support from Plaid Cymru, in alliance with the Lib Dems. We can't accept that Welsh cuts are in any way better than English cuts.

People may be tempted to see the Green Party as an alternative but when given a chance, Greens have voted for cuts as well. In Brighton, the Green-led council has cut £60 million from jobs, services and council workers' wages, while the leader of the council has had a pay rise!

The central commitment that every TUSC candidate makes is to vote against all cuts. We are trade unionists and campaigners with basic trade union principles of socialism and solidarity who fight cuts daily in our workplaces and communities.

So, if you're opposed to council cuts and live in the Uplands, there is only one choice on November 20:

Vote Ronnie Job, TUSC Against Cuts

For more info see tuscswansea.blogspot.co.uk
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