Public Meeting: 50 years of the Socialist Party - Socialism in Action

24th November 2014


Come along to this public meeting to celebrate 50 years since the launch of Militant (now the Socialist Party) in October 1964. Since forming we have witnessed and participated in the colossal movements of the working class in some of the greatest events in history. The magnificent 1968 general strike by ten million workers in France, the 1970s revolutionary wave of the Portuguese, Spanish and Greek workers who unceremoniously dismantled the brutal dictatorships in their countries.

In the 1970s, but particularly in the 1980s, we were addressing mass audiences. Militant, in terms of numbers and influence in the labour movement, was the most successful Marxist/Trotskyist organisation in Western Europe since the time of Trotsky's Left Opposition in the 1930s.

Leading mass movement of the working class in Liverpool between 1983-1987 as the council defeated the Tory government over spending cuts and then leading the anti-poll tax struggle which brought down Thatcher, through to participating in the Miners' Strike, leading the Campaign Against Domestic Violence, Youth Against Racism in Europe, recreating the Jarrow March with Youth Fight for Jobs and to this day fighting to build a new mass workers party with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and fighting for £10 an hour minimum wage campaign.

Come along and discuss our history, ideas and look to the future, all welcome. For prior reading see we recommend this article celebrating the Anniversary of the first issue of Militant

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