Further Education unions in Wales vote for strike action on pay

7th January 2015

Further Education union members in Wales have delivered a mandate for strike action over pay, in ballots that closed on January 5.

The willingness of members in campus unions to support action has already led to the employers, represented by Colegau Cymru, revising their position. Before Christmas they were saying there would be no cost of living increase this year; now the Joint Trade Unions have received a provisional offer (still to be confirmed) of a 1% across the board rise.

This still falls a long way short of  the collective claim we submitted for the greater of 3% or £1,000. 

I'm a UNISON steward and the first members I've spoken to have already indicated their willingness to reject this proposal, pointing out that this does nothing to reverse the decline of our wages in recent years (Unison estimates the value of our wages have fallen 18% since 2008). As one member told me, #### all plus 1% of #### all is still #### all! 

Ronnie Job, FE UNISON steward, Wales
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