PROTEST against cuts to jobs and services!

2nd February 2015

Press release from Swansea Trades Council
Challenge cuts to Council jobs and services

Come and lobby the special meeting of the Cabinet of City and County of Swansea on Tuesday, 10th February.

Cabinet members will be deciding which services to privatise, cut or axe as they prepare proposals for £27 million of cuts, to put to the full Council Budget meeting, on 24 February. It gets worse; councillors will also outline plans to axe over £80 million from Council services over the next 3 years.

Cuts of this scale will devastate jobs and services. Swansea Trades Council will be lobbying councillors, demanding that they re-consider. We hope workers whose jobs are threatened and users of services under threat will also come to demand councillors refuse to make those cuts.

Protest at City & County Special Cabinet meeting
Assemble from 4:00pm, Tuesday 10 February, Civic Centre

In an e-mail, announcing the launch of another so-called consultation to respondents to the ‘Sustainable Swansea’ exercise last year, it was stated: “The challenge is even greater than last year because the savings target has risen from £45m to at least £70m [the figure has risen since] in the next few years.”

Swansea Trades Council Secretary, Ronnie Job, said: “That’s not a challenge; that’s a disaster! It’s a disaster that spells destruction for council services and council workers and devastation for the local economy. Swansea Trades Council hopes all users of service under threat will join us on February 10, in demanding councillors protect jobs and stand up for the services Swansea needs.”

Ronnie Job, Secretary, Swansea Trades Council
e-mail: or phone 07963 454041
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