Four ways to fight the cuts in Swansea this February

2nd February 2015

Challenge cuts to Council Jobs, schools and essential services

1.    Socialist Party Meeting: Thurs 5 Feb, ‘How To Fight The Cuts’, Dyfatty Comm Centre @19:30

2.    TUSC Street Ballot: Sat 7 Feb, Oxford Street, Swansea City Centre @13:30

3.    Lobby Special Meeting of the Council Cabinet: Tues 10 Feb, Civic Centre @16:00

4.    Lobby of Full Council budget meeting: Tues 24 Feb, Civic Centre @16:00

Cabinet members will be deciding which services to privatise, cut or axe as they prepare proposals for £27 million of cuts, to put to the full Council Budget meeting, on 24 February. It gets worse; councillors will also outline plans to axe over £80 million from Council services over the next 3 years.

Cuts will include:

·        school facilities such as playing fields, breakfast clubs and travel subsidy

·        Teachers jobs and increasing class sizes

·        Social service budget – putting children, the older person and those most vulnerable at risk

·        Plantasia

·        Youth facilities such as Youth clubs and West Glamorgan Youth Theatre.

·        And many more…

Cuts of this scale will devastate jobs and services. We will be lobbying councillors, demanding that they re-consider. We hope workers whose jobs are threatened and users of services under threat will also come to demand councillors refuse to make those cuts.

Make your voice heard – Come to these 4 events,  lets join together to show the Council that together we have the strength to defend our communities, jobs, schools and services.

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