Racist thugs off campus!

4th February 2015


Swansea Socialist Students statement:

Students should be disgusted that Swansea University gave a platform to Tommy Robinson, ex-leader of the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

The EDL is a violent, racist organisation that has physically attacked members of the Muslim community and more recently trade unionists and anti-cuts activists.

Tommy Robinson may have dropped the EDL, but not his bigotry – and it is dangerous for our university to give him any credibility. Students have every right to demand far-right views are not given a platform on campus.

Freedom of speech is important, but the far-right use physical intimidation when they try to organise. The best way to defeat these organisations are for communities to turn out to stop them.

  • Swansea Socialist Students calls on students and our student union to loudly condemn the decision to invite Tommy Robinson onto campus
  • We must organise an anti-racism protest on campus to show that far-right and racist ideas are not welcome here!

We also need a political challenge: racist organisations are being given confidence in a time of austerity by xenophobic views promoted by all the main parties attempting to scapegoat immigrants for underfunded public services. It is the fault of millionaire speculators and big business that our economy is in crisis. We need an alternative party to unite communities against cuts and austerity together; support the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

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