Hollywood excess shows: austerity is a lie to make poor pay

21st February 2015

Remember when we were all in it together in the face of the international economic crisis and we had to collectively tighten our belts? Somebody obviously forgot to tell Hollywood...

All nominees for an Oscar will walk away with a goodie bag worth $125,000 this year.

Although 'worth' is a strange idea when that includes a $20,000 package for somebody to fly to you for a personal horoscope reading, dream analysis and training in mind control or French Mediterranean sea salts 'worth' $1,200. I'm not sure whether those $1,200 salts are for putting on your fish and chips or for some other use.

Such displays of wealth are a small but very public demonstration that austerity has been a lie to make the poor pay, for a crisis we didn't cause, while the lifestyles of the rich have remained untouched.

Ronnie Job
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