TUSC Election Bulletin - anti-austerity party gets TV election broadcast!

26th March 2015


An election bulletin for TUSC candidates, agents and supporters

Dear TUSC supporter,

Great news - TUSC has reached the threshold set by the BBC on behalf of broadcasters to qualify for a TV election broadcast next month; more on what that means for our campaign, below.
Record number of candidates approved  
The national steering committee has now approved 131 parliamentary candidates and 529 council candidates in 93 towns and cities.  As we have promised, this is the biggest working class and socialist electoral challenge for 60 years.  If you’re not one already, could you be a candidate too? There’s still time.
Could you be a council candidate?  
Councils really are in the austerity front line, losing 37% of their central government funding since 2010 according to the National Audit Office.  And Labour’s Ed Balls has singled out local council spending cuts, and the 1% public sector pay limit, as two examples that a Labour government would categorically not undo!

In many ways the council elections are as important as the general election in deciding what will happen to vital local services, as the best that will happen at Westminster is a change of 'management style'. Remember - if there is no trade unionist or socialist candidate standing as an alternative to the austerity parties in your area, a council candidate who won't confront the national cuts consensus will win unopposed.
There are still two weeks to go until nominations close on April 9th . To stand all you need is 10 signatures - there is no expensive deposit.  If you agree with the TUSC Local Elections Policy Platform - which commits TUSC candidates, amongst other points, to oppose all cuts to council jobs, services, pay and conditions if they were elected - there is still time for you to be a TUSC candidate too. See http://www.tusc.org.uk/policy for the full platform.

Prospective candidates need to complete a TUSC Candidate Authorisation Application form, copies of which are available on the TUSC website at http://www.tusc.org.uk/candidates.php . There is a guide for prospective candidates and agents, including an explanation of TUSC's procedures, available at http://www.tusc.org.uk/txt/317.pdf  So why not take up the challenge?

The last full meeting of the national steering committee is on Monday, March 30th – for an application to be processed then it must be received by the TUSC national agent, by this Friday.  There will be a process for late applications to be dealt with – up to the Easter weekend – but parliamentary candidate applications in particular are not guaranteed to be approved.
TV Broadcast: Friday, April 17: TUSC will have an historic opportunity on Friday, April 17th to mount the clearest anti-austerity message from any party in the election. Broadcast times are scheduled to be BBC2 1755, ITV 1825, and BBC1 1855.
Filming takes place in London next week, and in order to meet the BBC’s technical standards we’ve had to hire a professional film company - it’s not cheap!

Could you help us raise the money to make this a success – a tenner for TUSC (or more if you can manage it) can be donated at:  http://www.tusc.org.uk/donate 

If you’re a candidate, agent or involved in a local campaign, start your plans now. We are redesigning the TUSC website, to focus more on the election, on candidates and activities. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people watching the TV broadcast will visit the website over the following weekend.

We urgently need the following information from you:
  • where on Saturday, April 18th can people meet your local candidate?  Every campaign should be out that morning; let us know the shopping centre or other venue where you’ll be
  • what activity - leafleting etc - have you got planned for that weekend, Saturday/Sunday April 18/19th  so that people can come along and get involved?
  • have you got a pre-election rally or meeting organised in the last 3 weeks of the election?
Send answers to the 3 questions above to tusc2015website@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to make it easy for anyone accessing the new website for the first time to access their local candidates and campaign, and get involved in the work that you’re doing.

Good luck.
Dave Nellist
National Chair, TUSC
PS please pass this email on to anyone who you think could help us, and ask them to sign up as a supporter at www.tusc.org.uk/support.php  

Keep in touch with TUSC Swansea: http://tuscswansea.blogspot.co.uk/
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