General Election 2015: historic number of TUSC candidates!

7th April 2015


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Historic Number of Candidates:
With nominations about to close this Thursday, TUSC will clearly be the sixth largest party, in terms of candidates fielded.  We currently have 136 parliamentary candidates and 640 local council candidates in 110 towns and cities.  Many thanks to all of you - candidates, agents and supporters - who make this little bit of history possible.

But if you or your area have not yet submitted the request to the National Agent for authorisation to stand as a council candidate that must be done by this afternoon, otherwise even by first class post your certificate of authorisation will not reach you in time for close of nominations at 4 PM on Thursday, April 9th.
New election website:

Manifesto Launch This Friday:
The TUSC manifesto launch will take place this Friday 10 April at 11am in London, at Canary Wharf outside the main entrance to the London Underground tube station.  This location will help us highlight one of our main themes that we demand bailouts for the 99% not the super-rich 1%.
As part of the material being provided on the day to the media, we are bringing together a manifesto press pack - if you have had any good local or regional press coverage please send links that can be used in the material on the day, and also promoted through social media etc.
TUSC TV Election Broadcast:
Another little bit of history: at the elections this year TUSC will have a national TV election broadcast.  The party election broadcast will go out on Friday 17 April, between 5.55pm and 7.55pm, on the terrestrial channels (BBC/ITV/Channel 4/Channel 5).  It is no exaggeration to say that millions of people will be introduced to TUSC for the first time through that broadcast.
In every ward and constituency where there is a TUSC candidate there will be at least dozens sufficiently inspired by the broadcast who will get in touch with us wanting to help. That makes the appeal I made in the last bulletin important enough to repeat.
We urgently need the following information from you:
·  where on Saturday, April 18th can people meet your local candidate?  Every campaign should be out that morning; let us know the shopping centre or other venue where you’ll be
·  what activity - leafleting etc - have you got planned for that weekend, Saturday/Sunday April 18/19th  so that people can come along and get involved?
·  have you got a pre-election rally or meeting organised in the last 3 weeks of the election?

Send answers to the 3 questions above to and we’ll do our best to make it easy for anyone accessing the new website for the first time to access their local candidates and campaign, and get involved in the work that you’re doing.
And if you want to get a taster of some of the candidates appearing in the broadcast check out this video on YouTube: ‘No cuts, off-cuts – making of the broadcast’
There are just 29 days to go to the May 7 elections. And we know whatever mix of establishment parties form the new government, austerity for our people will continue.
Please talk to your friends and pass this email on to them. Ask them to register at the new website to get involved and help our campaign.  The 1% have 4 national parties looking after their interests, the 99% need a new one of their own.
Many thanks your help.
Dave Nellist
National chair, TUSC
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

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TUSC Election Bulletin Number 3
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