Swansea Teachers Strike Against Cuts

20th May 2015

Teachers employed in Swansea's 'Education Other Than at School' (EOTAS) have been forced to take 2 days strike action in response to the Labour Council's attempt to slash their service in half, leaving some of the city's most vulnerable children without adequate provision.

Members of NASUWT and NUT had lively protests outside the Civic Centre to highlight the damage these cuts will have, especially on those children with mental health problems.

Helen John, assistant secretary of Swansea Nasuwt said these cuts were savage and would leave many vulnerable children without the opportunity of a proper education.

These cuts are part of the Labour council's £81 million of 'savings' over 3 years demanded by Cameron and meekly implemented Swansea councillors. Education has been butchered to the tune of £5 million cuts a year with the NUT predicting dozens of mainstream teaching redundancies over the next few months.

With the Tories back in power Labour councils across Wales need to link up with the trade unions and oppose these cuts or else preside over the destruction of local government. There is no other choice!

Alec Thraves
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