EOTAS Teachers Strike against Swansea Council cuts

18th June 2015

Swansea council's planned cuts of £670,000 from the budget of EOTAS (Education other than at Schools) has led to a further 3 day strike by education workers who could see their numbers reduced by 50% if the proposals go through.

Members of NASAWUT and NUT are taking action to protect the service for vulnerable children who have been excluded from mainstream education and rely on home tuition to continue their learning.

Swansea Labour council are in the process of implementing £81 million of ConDem cuts with the education budget being particularly hard hit.
The strikers are determined to not just to fight for their jobs but to protect an educational service vital to some of Swansea's most disadvantaged children.

On their third day of action strikers lobbied the Welsh local government conference in Swansea with a message to the Tory compliant Labour council leaders to fight the cuts and defend all our jobs and services!

Alec Thraves
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