Socialism, Art and Revolution

9th July 2015

Socialist Perspective on Art, Literature and Culture
Thursday 9th July 7:30pm
Dyfatty Community Centre
Swansea SA1 1NB

What is the relationship between art, revolution, capitalism and class struggle? This article from ‘The Socialist’ is a good introduction to Thursday's discussion:
We live in a world where artists have to sell art on the commercial art market to be 'successful', and where a narrow definition of what is considered 'good art' applies, determined by how much people are willing to pay for it. Across the globe the majority of workers do not have access to art. Museums and exhibitions tend to be elitist and inaccessible. Art education is commercialised, with more emphasis put on courses like product design due to the fact that we live in a market system. Economic crisis, as we are seeing, means increasing attacks on the working class in the form of longer working hours, low pay and job insecurity. The arts are often the first to be hit, with the closing of museums and libraries, cuts in arts education, etc., which are seen as unnecessary expenses. Longer hours at work also mean there is less time to either enjoy or create art. 

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