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Socialist Party Wales is the Welsh party of the Socialist Party of England and Wales.

We have a long and proud record of struggling with working-class people to defend our services, wages and the standard of living. We are involved in many campaigns throughout Wales.

We are completely opposed to the cuts in public services being passed onto working class people in Britain and the rest of Europe to pay for the current capitalist crisis caused by the greed of bankers and the super rich. We support a mass campaign to resist the cuts including workers in the public sector, service users, students and the whole of society affected by them.

We support the struggle of students to resist the increase in university tuition fees and cuts in education and for the restoration of the Education Maintenance Allowance across the whole of Britain.

We support workers in industrial disputes. Socialist Party Wales members have played leading roles in important disputes, such as the dispute at the Swansea Linamar car parts plant and in the civil service in Wales.

We fight against student tuition fees and against privatisation of our services. We campaign for better pay, to stop council house sell-offs and for free education.

We campaigned against the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and fight for a socialist world free of war and terror.

We campaign to stop the destruction and pollution of our planet and its environment.

We campaigned in support of a "Yes" vote for greater powers for the Welsh Assembly to allow the working class of Wales to exert greater pressure to defend public services. But we also campaign for a new party of the working class that will offer a real alternative to the four pro-capitalist parties currently represented in the Welsh Assembly and will stand up to the attacks on services of all four main parties and point the way towards a socialist change in Wales, Britain and beyond.

That is why we participate in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) formed in 2010 with leading members of the RMT, POA and PCS trade unions to stand for public ownership, not cuts and privatisation; jobs, not handouts to the bankers; the repeal of the anti-trade union laws, protection of the environment, decent pensions, and democratic rights. TUSC calls for the troops to be brought back from Afghanistan immediately and for a democratic socialist society run in the interests of the people not the millionaires.

All our public representatives like MPs and councillors will only accept the average workers' wage and donate the rest of the bloated wages and expenses back to the workers and socialist movement.

In the 1980s and 90s we were known as the Militant Tendency when we campaigned for the Labour Party to return to its socialist roots and we opposed the formation of New Labour. We led Liverpool City council's battle for decent housing, jobs and services, and later defeated Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's poll tax which forced her to resign.

The Socialist Party is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers' International in places such as Australia, Ireland, Germany, Sri Lanka and Sweden also have elected councillors. Socialist Party members Joe Higgins and Clare Daly are TDs (members of the Irish parliament) as part of the United Left Alliance. Paul Murphy is the Irish Socialist Party's MEP - a member of the European parliament.

Joe has only ever taken the wages of the average skilled worker in his constituency, donating the rest to fund the struggles of the working class. The CWI's German section has six councillors, while Lucy Redler has gained national prominence by helping lead a struggle against cuts in Berlin. The CWI's Swedish party has eight councillors.

The Socialist Party has more than twenty members elected onto the major trade union national executives.

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